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International Standing: Recognition

Accomplished specialists in the field of urology & gynaecology, with great involvement and achievements in the international arena

International Recognition of Dr Michael Wong


American National Award for Global Leadership in Urology

Singapore Urologist, Dr Michael Wong was given by American National Urological Association the 2018 Global Leadership Award during the National Annual Congress held in San Francisco on 19th May 2018. He is being recognised for his outstanding leadership in the field of urology. Michael is only the second Asian recipient of this prestigious award.

Michael receiving his award from USA National Urology President Brantley Thrasher


German Annual Lectureship Award

Michael was invited to deliver the annual Asklepios University Hospital lecture in Hamburg, Germany, in August 2018.

Michael is seen relaxing at the home of Prof Gross Chairman of Urology in Hamburg after delivering a lecture in 2018


Thailand Annual National Urology Lecture

Michael was given the honour of delivering the Phaitun Gojaseni Lecture in April 2017 during the National Urology Congress in Phuket, Thailand.

After Lecturing, Michael is seen with good friends; Prof Bannakij Lojanapiwat Dean of Chiang Mai University and Dr Colin Teo from Singapore


Indian Annual National Urology Lecture

Michael was selected to deliver the Jayaramdas Patel Oration in January 2016 during the National Urology Congress in Hyderabad.

After a successful meeting in 2018, Michael is relacing with Prof Monga Sec-General of American Urological Association


Singapore Urological Association Lecture

Michael was the invited SUA lecturer for 2017 in recognition of his urological achievements.

Michael Past President of Singapore Urology invited Prof Glenn Preminger Chairman of Duke Urology to spent a week in Singapore under Asian School of Urology

Dr Michael Wong

Medical Director & Senior Consultant Urologist
FAMS (Urology), FICS (USA), FRCS (Edinburgh),
M Med (Surgery), MBBS (S’pore)

Dr Michael Wong is a Senior Consultant Urologist who is internationally recognized for his surgical expertise and academic contribution to the field of Urology, in particular the subspecialized field of minimally invasive Endourology.

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