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International Standing: Appointments

Accomplished specialists in the field of urology & gynaecology, with great involvement and achievements in the international arena

International Appointments & Standing

Michael with the Medical Directors of Ho Chi Min University Medical Centre, Vietnam, after demonstrating the latest laser technology at a surgical demonstration.

Michael with the President of the Indonesian Urological Association after a successful surgical demonstration in Surabaya.

Michael as an invited lecturer (as seen with his friend Dr Christopher Chee) in Hong Kong for the Asian Congress in Urology

Michael was advisor to the Joint Asian and American Chief Residency course in 2019

Michael was faculty at the Urology Congress along with friends Prof Michael Grasso from Manhattan and Prof Henry Ho Chair SGH Urology

Michael was Faculty with his friend Prof Ben Chew from Canada at a Urology workshop he helped organised in Seoul 2019

Michael was President of Singapore Urology from 2009 - 2011. He is seen here with past Presidents of SUA (seated)

Singapore Urologist, Dr Michael Wong is an accomplished specialist in the field, with great involvement and achievements in the international arena:


Associate Editor at British Journal of Urology International

  • This is one of the highest peer recognition one can obtain in the field of Urology
  • He was appointed in May 2013 to help develop BJUI knowledge which is a groundbreaking mobile CME programme for practising urologists worldwide.

Elected Board Director of the US based Society of Endourology

  • This is the highest international peer recognition one can obtained in the field of Endourology
  • Michael is one of the 12 worldwide directors standing on the board. The only one from ASEAN.
  • He served a full term of 5 years from 2005 to 2010

Principal Director, Asian School of Urology

  • Michael was appointed to this important position to oversee UAA, academic activities in 26 Asian National Urological Associations
  • He was appointed from 2022 to 2025

Elected Treasurer and Executive Council Member of Urological Association of Asia

  • Michael was elected to sit on the prestigious 5-member executive council of the Urological Association of Asia (UAA) from 2019-2022
  • UAA is the largest Asian Urology Body that oversees urological educational activities of 26 Asian National Urology Associations.

Deputy Director and/or Consultant, Asian School of Urology

  • Michael was appointed to oversee ASU Urological training programmes in the following countries and regions including South-East Asia, Indochina, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.
  • He was appointed from 2015 to 2022
  • This is in recognition of Michael's International Standing amongst his peers.

Member of the International Scientific Committee of World Congress of Endourology

  • This is the largest International meeting in the subspecialty of Endourology
  • For the most part, he was on this committee from 2001 to 2010

Editorial and Committee Member of the Journal of Endourology

  • The largest internationally renown medical journal in the specialty area of Endourology
  • The journal is started by and edited largely by the American fraternity of urologists
  • Michael wrote regular reviews on percutaneous renal surgery from 2006 to 2013 and was heavily involved in the numerous committees including the awards and web committees.

Co-chairman, WHO 2nd International Consultation in Stone Diseases in Paris

  • he gathering of experts every 5 years to discuss the latest developments in urinary stone disease.
  • There were 3 co-chairman for this the prestige meeting. Each one representing one continent American, Europe & Asia. Michael was representing Asia.

Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Urology

  • This is the national urology journal of the Japanese Urological Association and the official journal of Urological Association of Asia
  • It is an honor to be invited to this exclusive group from 2010

President, Asian Society of Endourology

  • Founding President (1998 to 2008)
  • Established a network of prominent urologists in Asia to form the Asian Society
  • Developed academic and training programmes for young urologists in various Asian countries

Sec-General of Asian Society of Female Urology

  • Founding Secretary-General (1998 to 2006)
  • Facilitated the formation of several continence foundations in Asia
  • Planned programmes to educate the public on continence issues

President of Singapore Urological Association

  • This body represents all urologists in Singapore (both academic, public & private)
  • He was elected by his peers to this privilege position serving a full term of 3years; 2009 to 2012

Dr. Michael Wong's previous appointments include:

Director, SGH Urology Centre
Director, SGH Specialist Practice at Gleneagles Hospital
Director, Endourology and Stone Disease
Director, Female Urology and Urodynamics
Director, SGH Regional Endourology Fellowship Programme

Dr Michael Wong

Medical Director & Senior Consultant Urologist
FAMS (Urology), FICS (USA), FRCS (Edinburgh),
M Med (Surgery), MBBS (S’pore)

Dr Michael Wong is a Senior Consultant Urologist who is internationally recognized for his surgical expertise and academic contribution to the field of Urology, in particular the subspecialized field of minimally invasive Endourology.

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