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International Standing: Accreditations

Accomplished specialists in the field of urology & gynaecology, with great involvement and achievements in the international arena

International Accreditations

Michael receiving his Life Award from the Thai Urology Association. He is the 4th recipient in the history of the award.

Michael with the internationa faculty conducting a workshop in Hawaii at the SIU meeting.

Michael as an invited international lecturer at the Annual Meeting and continuing Urological Education in Bali.

Michael was invited faculty at the USA national congress 2018 and is with Prof James Lingerman whom he did a US fellowship in Endourology in 1994

Urologist, Dr. Michael Wong has received his subspecialty trainings in the USA with accreditations in the following programmes:

  • Fellowship in Endourology and Urolithiasis, USA
  • Fellowship in Female Urology and Neurourology, USA
  • Mini-Residency programme in Robotic Urology Surgery, USA

Dr. Wong's other accreditations include:

  • MBBS (S’pore)
  • M Med (Surgery) S’pore
  • FRCS (Edinburgh)
  • FAMS (Urology)
  • FICS (USA)

Dr. Julianah Abu received her local and international accreditations as follows:

  • MBBS (S’pore)
  • M Med OG (S’pore)
  • MRACOG (Australia)
  • MRCOG (London)
  • MCE (IVF) (S’pore)
  • FAM OG (S’pore)

Dr Michael Wong

Medical Director & Senior Consultant Urologist
FAMS (Urology), FICS (USA), FRCS (Edinburgh),
M Med (Surgery), MBBS (S’pore)

Dr Michael Wong is a Senior Consultant Urologist who is internationally recognized for his surgical expertise and academic contribution to the field of Urology, in particular the subspecialized field of minimally invasive Endourology.

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