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About Our Charity Efforts

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Having received several scholarships from the government in the past, Drs Michael Wong & Julianah Abu would like to contribute back to society and have decided to regularly contribute to worthy causes. They have pledged to donate a percentage of the centre’s income to support this effort.

Focused on migrant workers via Healthserve and Educational Endowment Scholarship 2016 to 2021

IUFGC continues to support the educational endowment programme for the young daughter of a late OMF missionary. The commitment is for a total of 18 years.

IUFGC supports Healthserve which provides pro-bono medical, dental and legal services for our migrant workers in Singapore.

Launch of Endowment Fund for Education in 2015

IUFGC launches on endowment scholarship to support the daughter of a late OMF missionary in Nov 2015 for her college education.

Book Launch in November 2014

In Nov 2014, IUFGC sponsored a publication on wonderful history of the early days of St Margaret Boarding School entitled "Lest We Forget" to help raise funds for the needy students currently studying in the school.

HealthServe Fundraising Dinner in October 2014

In 2014, IUFGC was privileged to able to support and help organised HealthServe Fundraising Dinner in Oct 2014 held at the Regent Hotel

Concert at NUS Town in July 2013

In July 2013, IUFGC had the privilege of facilitating a concert organized by medical students and HealthServe for migrant workers working in Singapore held in NUS Town. It was an amazing time where talented migrant workers performed on stage and sang about their love and their countries.

Launch of a Scholarship on 24 July 2009

On Friday 24 July 2009, IUFGC launch of a scholarship book fund for secondary students who excelled in uniform group organisation at the St Margaret Secondary School. This award is given out yearly to 6 students under the name of Mrs Wong Hoe Eng, who is Michael’s mother. She was previously senior vice-principal, 1970-80 and Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides in 1965-1967.

In 2010, IUFGC supported the Singapore Girl Guides Association during their 100th anniversary celebration.

In 2011 and 2012, IUFGC is supporting several worthy causes which includes Healthserve, ( It is a non-profit community development organization dedicated to serving the interest of migrant workers, the disadvantages and poor in the local community. Another worthy cause is the Singapore Hockey Federation Athlete Assistance Fund where IUFGC supports a promising youth to reach his dreams.

Charity concert at Esplanade on 30 April 2008

Rock on! Charity Concert at Esplanade
SUFC hosting at Esplanade

Medical student fund is hosted by Singapore Medical Association to help finance the education needs of students from financially-challenged backgrounds. On the first anniversary of IUFGC, the practice organised and funded a charity concert at the Esplanade on 30th April 2008 to raise awareness of the fund. It was a fully booked event!

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