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Dr Michael Wong - Urologist Michael is an accomplished specialist in the field with great involvement and achievements in the international arena.
Associate Editor of the British Journal of Urology International
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician - Dr Julianah Abu Julianah is a prominent Malay Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist in Singapore.
(Sabbatical Leave 2018)
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Surgical Live Demonstrations
Dr Michael Wong is well recognised internationally for his expertise in surgical treatment of complex urinary stone disease & Endourology. This is illustrator by the numerous illustrations to perform live surgery at International meetings as listed below.

Invited Live Operative Surgery Demonstrator

1.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator 
 Kaohsiung General Hospital, Annual Scientific Meeting  
 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
7 to 8 June 2013
2.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator
 Joe Segura Urolithiasis Course, American Urological
  Association (AUA)  
 Nadiah, India
21 to 24 Feb 2013
3.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator
 Asian Endourology Congress   
 Kathmandu, Nepal
23 Nov 2011
4.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator
 Queen Elizabeth Hospital   
 Hong Kong
20 June 2009
5.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator
 Chinese University of Hong Kong              
 Hong Kong 
19 June 2009
6.  Invited Live Opearative Demonstrations
 Endo Urological Chapter of Urological Society of India
 Calicut, South India
16 to 17 March 2007
7.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator 
 Military Hospital 115
 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
19 to 22 Nov, 2005
8.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator 
 Indonesia National Urology Meeting
 Surabaya, Indonesia
14 to 15 Jan, 2005
9.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator 
 University Medical Centre of Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam
19 to 20 Apr, 2004
10.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator 
 Rajavithi Hospital 
 Bangkok, Thailand
03 to 04 Sept, 2003
11.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator 
 Indonesia National Urology Meeting
 Jogyarkata, Indonesia
18 to 21 Feb, 2003
12.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator on Endourology 
 Myanmar Annual Military Medical Association 
 Myanmar Military Hospital
Mar 2002
13.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator on Endourology 
 Guangzhou Minimal Invasive Centre, 1st Scientific Meeting
 Guangzhou, China
June 2001
14.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator on Endourology 
 East Avenue & Veterans Memorial Hospital
 Manila, Philippines
Apr 2000
15.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator on Endourology 
 Chuanglalokom University Hospital
 Bangkok, Thailand
30 Nov, 1999
16.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator on Endourology 
 First Affiliated University Hospital 
 Guangzhou, China
28 May, 1999
17.  Invited Live Operative Demonstrator on Endourology 
 Reyes Memorial Hospital
 Manila, Philippines
07 Dec, 1998

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