Patient Care Programmes  
IUFGC Urinary Stone Programme
Established on the international guideline based on the WHO 2nd International Consultation on Urolithiasis in Paris for which Dr Michael Wong is the sole Asian co-chairman.
Patient will receive the latest in:
  • Individualised metabolic assessment for urinary stone disease.
  • Personalised dietary adjustment advise to prevent stone disease.
  • Surgical techniques in PCNL Flexible ureteroscopy and the latest protocol in administering ESWL to achieve the best outcome possible.
Patient Experience 1
John is a 49 year old gentleman who had bilateral Staghorn Calculi in the kidney. He was recommended open surgery because of the complexity of his disease. He received the latest in PCNL & was able to avoid surgery & achieved a good outcome under our care.
Patient Experience 2
Established on international & national guidelines in the approach to enlarge prostate as well as prostate cancer.
IUFGC Prostate & Male Urinary issues Programme
Patient will receive the latest in:
  • Assessment of raised PSA, Poor Urinary Flow and Urinary Incontinence.
  • Treatment of obstructing prostate, prostate cancer, chronic prostatic with the latest laser technology, endourology, laparoscopic & robotic approaches.
Patient Experience 1
Mr Lim is a 67 year old gentleman who presented with urinary incontinence resulting in him avoiding meeting his friends because of odour. Under our care, he was able to achieve continence without the need for surgery.
Patient Experience 2
Mr Tan presented with retention of urine and was given a bladder catheter to drain his bladder. He received a 30 minute laser TURP & was able to pass urine without difficulty after 1 day stay in hospital.
Patient Experience 3
John was a young 38 year old gentleman who was diagnosed to have prostate cancer when his PSA was noted to be raised on routine health screening, various options were discussed with him & he opted for robotic prostatectomy & is cancer free to date.
IUFGC Male & Female Fertility Programme
Established on the latest available techniques & is protocol-driven, both man & women fertility issues are appropriately addressed and managed with detailed counselling and assessment.
Unique to IUFGC, is the ability to have joint consultation for man & wife by both the urologist & gynaecologist.
Patient Experience 1
Tim is a 36 years Old Dutch gentleman who has a azoospermia & had underwent several procedures to harvest sperms but was told it was not possible by other doctors.
He underwent the appropriate tests & we proceeded with a 2-hour operation with microsurgery sperm extraction from his testes. We were successful in harvesting 5 vials of sperms for subsequent treatment with assisted reproduction. In October 2009 his wife got pregnant after undergoing IVF/ICSI.
Patient Experience 2
John was a 36 years old Indonesia gentleman who had poor quality sperms. His wife had failed treatment with assisted reproduction on 2 attempts. We corrected the cause of his suboptimal sperms quality & his wife became pregnant naturally & delivered a healthy baby in July 2009.

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