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The bad news is that urinary stone incidence has risen in the past 20 years due to changes in diet and obesity, while male fertility is a larger concern due to delayed marriage and more second marriages. Female urinary incontinence has risen with an ageing population, as have prostate enlargement and cancer. The good news? Technological advancements in the form of better instrumentation, use of lasers and robotics and more targetted medication are, collectively, tackling these issues head-on, resulting in faster recovery, shorter hospital stays and improved odds for fertility.

Stone treatment technology has leapt forward in the last five years, as have techniques for tackling male infertility along with IVF capabilities.

Lifestyle choices

The root of the problem?

Singaporean residents simply exercise too little and eat too much. The National Health Survey (NHS) found that a staggering 54% of Singaporean residents aged 18 to 69 did not participate in any leisure-time physical activity, compared to countries like the US (41%) and France (33%).


As a renowned foodie heaven, Singapore is seeing the level of obesity rising. The NHS found that one in 10 Singaporeans were considered obese, more than twice the number in 1992. Obesity can not only lead to diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, it can also be a prelude to arthritis and certain classes of cancer.

For example, people who have hypertension or who are obese are more prone to developing bladder stones. Left untreated, these can cause discomfort, bacterial infections and prevent urine passing from the body, explains Singapore Urologist Dr Michael Wong.

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